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HEB Autism Therapy Clinic

Compassionate ABA Therapy for Children and Teens with Autism

Grapevine, Texas

Autistic Boy ABA Therapy Grapevine Texas

What We Do

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Childhood Autism Therapy Grapevine

What We Do

Foxhole Therapies provides high quality, compassionate ABA therapy to children of all ages and abilities with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through individualized teaching, we teach our clients communication skills, social skills, and life skills while simultaneously decreasing maladaptive behaviors. Our clinicians are highly trained in the science of behavior analysis and are committed to providing the best possible therapy using the most up-to-date clinical practices.

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Foxhole Core Values

Compassionate Autism Therapy Teenager


We are committed to providing an empathetic approach to children’s struggles and providing them with the tools to alleviate these challenges.

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We elevate the abilities of our clients and empower them to conquer any challenge they may face.

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We have the highest standards for clinical care, so that our clients can achieve any goal.

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We treat our clients with the utmost respect by finding every opportunity to increase their autonomy and gain access to the things that make them happy.

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As clinicians highly trained in research and the science of behavior, we take the most effective, research-based teaching techniques and tailor them to the needs of each client.

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We believe humility is too often the missing piece of the puzzle. We never assume to know all of the answers, but we are committed to using all of our resources in the field of ABA to find them.

Grapevine Autism Treatment Services
(Ages 3-18)

The autism journey does not end at age 10. We believe that everyone deserves a safe place to learn and grow. Because of this, we are dedicated to serving children of all ages and abilities.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

  • ABA therapy is the practice of applying evidence-based techniques based on the science of behavior analysis to make socially significant behavior change.
  • While generally used for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ABA therapy is also helpful for people with ADHD, ODD, mood disorders, and other mental health diagnoses.
  • Through ABA therapy, therapists work with their clients to teach skills such as communication, social interactions, play skills, and cooperation skills as well as decrease maladaptive behaviors.
Natural Environment Teaching Autism
Early Childhood Intervention Autism

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

  • NET is a teaching technique during which clients learn through play and interactions with their natural environment. Therapists manipulate the environment in such a way that learning can occur naturally without feeling like work.

Social Skills & Verbal Behavior

  • During social skills & verbal behavior teaching, therapists work with their clients to role play and practice real life social interactions and teach socially appropriate responses while utilizing the techniques of ABA to improve language and communication skills.

Community Outings

  • During community outings, clients and therapists meet up at different places around the community (grocery stores, restaurants, parks, etc.), and the therapists teach their clients how to interact with others and get their needs met in those environments. Note that all teaching during community outings occurs discretely to maintain the dignity of the client.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • ACT is an empirically supported branch of behavior analysis that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies along with behavior change interventions to teach flexibility and emotional regulation.
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Autism Parent Training Grapevine

Caregiver Training and Connection

  • In caregiver training, parents and other caregivers are taught behavior analytic principles that they can use at home to increase generalization of skills.
  • During training and generalization sessions, a BCBA will come to your home and help you implement the tools you have learned in the moment during your normal routines.
  • We host family events that allow parents, siblings, and clients to connect with others through their shared experiences.

School ARD Meeting Advocacy

  • We believe that collaboration is the key to success for our clients; this means active participation from the supervising BCBA during our client’s school ARD meetings to advocate for what is in the best interest of the client and their family. Our BCBAs are well trained in IEP, BIP, and 504 plan requirements and the rights of the child. They will be able to act as an advocate for you throughout the process.
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About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to get in the foxhole with our families and be a support system to fight the battles that feel impossible. We believe that everyone we serve deserves our unconditional support regardless of age or ability. We are here to say “yes” when others say “no;” to lead with empathy, while fiercely advocating for those who need it most; and to empower them to thrive by amplifying the qualities that make each of them unique.

Treatment Philosophy

Foxhole is locally-owned. We are not a chain run by corporate directors. We treat our clients with kindness and aim to keep compassion at the center of our treatment. Our goal is to prevent maladaptive behavior from occurring by using antecedent strategies and environment manipulations rather than responding in a reactionary manner. We then aim to teach our clients functional replacement behaviors and make those more valuable to engage in than maladaptive behavior.

Our Why

Our founders all have deep, personal connections to the autism community. Through many years of experience in the world of ABA, they saw how life changing these services can be when done well, but they found that most providers have age limits that don’t allow older children to receive these life changing services. They vowed to create a company where people of all ages can receive high quality services because we know that autism doesn’t just affect young children, it is a lifelong diagnosis that deserves lifelong support.


All of our staff are highly trained to provide excellent services to our clients. Our therapists are registered behavior technicians and also receive specialized training in the services we provide at our clinic, as well as specific training with any client to whom they provide services. Our clinical leadership is made up of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (doctoral level and masters level) with extensive experience in teaching language and decreasing dangerous behaviors.

Reagan Cox Autism ABA Therapist Waypoint

Dr. Reagan Cox, PhD – Chief Clinical Officer

Reagan Cox is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and serves as the Chief Clinical Officer for Foxhole Therapies. Reagan has a PhD in Experimental Psychology with a specialization in Behavior Analysis from TCU. While experienced in many areas of ABA, Reagan’s clinical niche is decreasing dangerous problem behavior and teaching communication. She is dedicated to advocating for her clients and families through every phase of life and fully believes that children with autism should not be denied services due to their age. With experience in early intervention and providing services to school-aged children and teenagers, Reagan is dedicated to providing high quality, evidence based services to all of her clients. READ MORE

Eliana Buss Autism Therapist Grapevine Texas

Eliana Buss – Director of Clinical Services

Eliana Buss is the Director of Clinical Services for Foxhole Therapies. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Eliana has a masters in behavior analysis and is pursuing her PhD in experimental psychology at TCU. Eliana is an experienced behavior analyst, having worked with clients ranging from 3 years old to 17 years old as well as a wide range of maladaptive behaviors. She is passionate about employing an empathetic approach to behavior modification through teaching self-advocacy skills to clients and teaching them safe and effective coping strategies. READ MORE

Insurance Plans Accepted

AetnaBlue Cross / Blue ShieldEvernorth (formally Cigna)
Magellan HealthcareTricareUnited Healthcare / Optum

Private Pay is available!

Get Started

Please fill out the contact form, and a dedicated clinician will reach out to you within 48 hours to answer any questions, set up a tour of our center, and begin the intake process.

    To begin services, our team will first reach out to your insurance to request authorization for an assessment. As soon as this is approved (generally 1-2 weeks), we will schedule a 2 hour assessment with a BCBA to assess skills and behavior. Within one week of the assessment, a BCBA will contact you to schedule a treatment planning meeting to discuss goals and concerns so that they can create a thoughtful treatment plan. After the treatment plan is completed (generally 2 weeks after assessment), it will be submitted to insurance for approval. After insurance approval (1-3 weeks), services can begin.

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